Writing 101 : Unlock the mind

It’s 01:20 and since coming back from Mexico I’m really struggling to sleep. I started a blog before I started my voyage 5 months ago and I loved writing about my adventures. I’m back home in the UK now and I thought ‘what shall in write about now? A very timely blog post from The Daily Post about the writing 101 challenge which I thought would be great for me so that I could continue writing. I’m not a writer, I’ve actually always been creative in other ways, through arts and crafts. I set this blog up initially as my travel blog but then hid it deciding that I would start it up another day and maybe write about creative things and things that inspire me. My other blog is called textmewhen.wordpress.com. Ok it’s been 5 minutes and I literally am just doing what the brief said and typing whatever comes to my mind. I’m actually sat in Crete right now. I have a family wedding at the end of the week and we’ve decided to come a week ahead as a family for a holiday. I’ve never been to Greece or a Greek Island before. I wasn’t sure what to expect except for sun, sand, olives, feta cheese and houmous. All things that I like. I have just witnessed an argument in reception. A group of people were checking in, I think they were from Poland. The lead man could speak English and so could receptionist but it was neither of their first languages. The hotel is overbooked tonight so the party checking in have no room for tonight but the receptionist apologised and has offered to put them up in a 5 star hotel tonight on the beach. The Polish man was for obvious reasons not happy and was very argumentative and at the same time the receptionist was very apologetic, completely understood but there was nothing he could do. It was all kicking off. A prime example of miscommunication…The Polish man said to the receptionist ‘I want it in writing that you are sending us to another hotel so that I can put it up on the website to support a bad review’ and the Greek receptionist said ‘what you want a pen and paper to write?’ Anyway the Polish group were sent off in a taxi with the Polish man shouting ‘I am never coming to Greece again and I will never send my children here!’ So then as we were leaving to British ladies said to us ‘ be careful of the receptionist on the first night he took us down to the restaurant to get some food and we ended up having to run away from him!’ It’s funny the people you meet on holiday. Wow I only have 3 minutes left and I reckon I could ramble on a bit more except I now feel under pressure to write something in my last 3 minutes and my minds gone blank. I literally have just rambled and there’s no paragraphs in my text because there’s no paragraphs in my head. There’s no full stops or comas in my head either but I’ve decided to put them in. Aargh last minute and I’m clock watching and typing and

So I’ve read through what I just wrote as my first assignment and I have decided not to correct the sentences. I have left my post in its raw state and just as I typed. Looking forward to the next challenge.